League of Fat Bastards

The ‘Cigar League’ – An interview with Adam Levine, LOFB’s Founder

What inspired you to form The LOFB? Pretty easy … it’s a combination of my two passions in life – cigars and supporting men’s mental health. I also love challenging the norms, and so with people looking to cigars as just a pastime, I saw it as a unique opportunity to provide an avenue for […]

How to Identify if a Bro is Dealing with Mental Struggles: A Guide for Fat Bastards

In today’s fast-paced world, mental health awareness is crucial for everyone, including the bros in our lives. As a Fat Bastard, it’s important to recognise signs of mental struggle in our buddies and offer support when needed. In this blog, we’ll explore how to identify if a bro is mentally struggling and provide practical steps […]