League of Fat Bastards


June 7th, 2024

Cigars & Chats

Coco Cigars, Miami, Florida

On Friday June 7th, Coco Cigars rolled out the red carpet for a memorable and laid back evening celebrating men’s mental health and our shared love for cigars. Our first “Cigar & Chats” night brought together a fantastic mix of cigar lovers, mental health supporters, fat bastards and first responders for a night of good vibes and great conversations with both the LOFB & Coco Cigars team!

A few nifty highlights:

1.  Premium Cigars:
We had a handpicked selection of premium cigars that delighted both the seasoned aficionados and the curious newcomers. Trust us, these cigars were a cut above the usual stash and offered something special for everyone.

    2. Insightful Mental Health Talk: Our guest speaker delivered an insightful talk on men’s mental health, sparking meaningful conversations and shedding light on the importance of destigmatizing mental health issues. It was a great chance to learn and engage in some deep, thought-provoking dialogue.

    3. Tasty Bites & Beverages:
    The evening was complemented by a variety of delicious bites and refreshing beverages, keeping spirits high and the conversation flowing.

    4. Raffles and Giveaways:
    Guests had the chance to win some fantastic prizes, from exclusive cigars to surprise swag, adding an extra layer of fun to the evening.

    5. Limited Edition First Responders Cigar Release:
    A special highlight was our limited edition First Responders LOFB pack, crafted to honor first responders, which was on offer for the night.

Giving Back:

Not only did we enjoy great cigars, but we also gave back to a vital cause. Through the purchase of LOFB cigars, attendees helped support the mental health of first responders. 40% of each LOFB cigar purchased, including our First Responder packs, is being donated back to mental health initiatives. Knowing our enjoyment made a positive impact added a special touch to the night.

“Cigar & Chats” at Coco Cigars was a hit, blending premium cigars, insightful conversations, and creating real connections between like-minded ‘bastards’. Celebrating Men’s Mental Health Month together reminded us of the importance of open dialogue and support. Thanks to everyone who joined us! 

If you’d like to see a Cigars & Chats night near you, get in touch. We’d love to connect with your favorite local cigar spots!