League of Fat Bastards

who is a fat bastard?

A fat bastard is a dude who is strong enough to blush and giggle, burst into tears and be there for their bros. A fat bastard seeks to knock social stigma on men’s mental health off the talk.

A fat bastard is you, us, and anyone who wants to connect honestly, change the world, and help our bros, while enjoying premium quality cigars.

Meet our Proud Founder

Adam ('AJL') Levine

I’m the fattest bastard. I’m the Proud Founder of the LOFB. I bring 30 years of global experience in law, investment banking and private equity. So what? Let me tell you this straight: over the past 15 years, I have focused on human-centric social ventures. I’m a socialist capitalist and I believe that businesses must add to humanity. Period. I love cigars and I care for social impact, so I invented something unprecedented: a challenger brand within a conservative and antiquated industry. Enjoy a quality LOFB cigar with a homie whilst also supporting some homies in need… if that doesn’t feel good, I don’t know what does.  

For your best buddy. And that buddy you don’t know.

Wind down with an LOFB premium cigar and help a bro struggling with mental health. Join the league.

Kick social stigma right up the ash.

Why can’t we easily talk about ourselves? We’ve been told to shut up. To man up. We’d rather stand up and knock this stigma off. We are sick of hearing about bros who can’t make it anymore because they don’t have anyone to talk to. That’s why we created a safe space where it’s okay to chill, unwind, open up, cry, share views, care for each other, laugh at ourselves, and ponder about the world while we share the love for premium cigars.

How to be a fat bastard.

Keep it safe

We are here to chew the fat and spit the sh*t. We are not here to betray our bros at our back. We will show you how to keep it safe and confidential. Or we will show you the door instead.

All bros are valid

We respect all fat bastards, from every country, religion, social conditions, sex orientation, ability, financial status, and body shape. Yeah, that’s correct. Slim bastards are gorgeous too.

Be a dudes dude

Don’t be late. Return calls and messages. Don’t judge other bastards’ experiences in any area, either personal or professional. Be a good listener. Keep the secrets. Always support dudes in need. 

Light one up.
Lighten a bro up.

We bond over premium smoke, we help men in need. With 40% of our profit, we support a series of mental health initiatives for men who can’t make it alone. Just bring your best vibes and subscribe to our Slack community by scanning the QR code you’ll find on your cigar ring. Good stuff, good deed. And it’s free!