League of Fat Bastards

Welcome to League of Fat Bastards (LOFB)

where we’re not just bastards for the sake of it – we’re bastards with a mission

Our goal? To shake up the status quo, make a positive global impact on men’s mental health, and redefine what it means to be a man, through sharing the love of cigars.

Headquartered in Miami, USA, LOFB is the brainchild of Adam Levine (not the singer!), an Aussie entrepreneur with a passion for pushing boundaries and challenging the norms.

LOFB is all about breaking down barriers, changing social stigmas, smashing the Mask of Masculinity (look out for Adam’s Audiobook on this!)  and finding new ways for men to “chew the fat”… that probably answers a few peoples questions for sure. 

We craft premium quality cigars in partnership with the world’s finest cigar manufacturers, so people can enjoy the relaxation of an excellent cigar and feel good doing so… in supporting brothers in need at the same time.

We make a tangible impact on our mission through our commitment to donate 40% of all net profits from the sale of our cigars directly into men’s mental health initiatives and charities. So we’re really putting the money where our mouth is… that’s our 40% GiveBack Promise! 

who is a fat bastard?

A fat bastard is a dude who is strong enough to laugh whole heartedly, burst into tears, and be there for his bros. A fat bastard seeks to knock social stigma on men’s mental health by off the talk.

A fat bastard is you, us, and anyone who wants to connect honestly, change the world, and help our bros, while enjoying premium quality cigars.

Kick social stigma right up the ash!

Why can’t we easily talk about ourselves? We’ve been told to keep quiet. To man up. We’d rather stand up and knock this stigma off. We are sick of hearing about bros who can’t deal with it anymore because they don’t have anyone to talk to. That’s why we created a safe space where it’s okay to chill, unwind, open up, cry, share views, care for each other, laugh at ourselves, and ponder about the world while we share the love for premium cigars. That’s “cigaring” – caring through sharing the love of cigars!

How to be a fat bastard.

Keep it safe

 We are here to chew the fat and spit the sh*t. We are not here to betray our bros. We will show you how to keep it safe and confidential.  When you cannot, we will show you the door!

All bros are valid

We respect all fat bastards from every race, country, religion, social – financial status, sexual orientation, physical ability, and body shape and size! Hey, slim bastards are gorgeous too!

Be a dude's dude

Don’t be late. Return calls and messages.  Don’t judge other bastards’ experiences in any area, either personal or professional. Be a good listener and always support dudes in need.

Light one up.
Lighten a bro up.

We bond over premium cigars, we help men in need. With 40% of our profit, we support a series of mental health initiatives for men who can’t make it alone.  Just bring your best vibes and join our community by scanning the QR code you’ll find on your cigar ring or by signing up below.  Good stuff, good deed, and best yet, it’s free!

For your best buddy and that buddy you don’t know.

Wind down with an LOFB premium 100% puro cigar and help a bro struggling with mental health. Join the league.

Meet our Proud Founder

Adam ('Ads') Levine

LOFB founder's Adam's headshot
I’m the proudest advocate for men’s mental health and finding new ways to help men lead their best lives! I’m the Proud Founder of LoveLOFB, and I have a wonderful team of dedicated and magnificent people who have joined me in my quest to create a Global Premium Consumer Products Brand that shines a light on, destigmatizes, and makes a positive social impact in men's mental health! Mental health prevention is much better than the cure – trust me, I have been there myself, so I talk from a point of understanding and deep personal knowledge and experience! Bringing three decades of global experience in law, investment banking, and private equity, I have developed a unique “challenge the status quo” and “out of the box” perspective.
But let’s get straight to the point: for the past 15 years, my focus has been on human-centric social ventures. I consider myself a socially conscious capitalist, firmly believing that businesses should contribute positively to humanity. End of story. I have a passion for social impact, and I seek to break new ground in traditional and outdated industries, which is why I created something extraordinary: a challenger premium consumer brand – LoveLOFB. So I ask you to join the League (it’s free), become part of our Tribe, enjoy and experience all of the wonderful premium LoveLOFB products we have for you… and do some good for you or someone else! If that doesn’t bring a sense of fulfillment, I don’t know what will.  All the very best... AJ
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Meet our President USA and Americas

Rob Maneson

Rob Headshot
Rob Maneson, a distinguished executive in the cigar industry, steps into this new role with zeal and expertise as he joins LOFB Cigars as President of U.S. and Americas. With a storied history of leadership roles within established cigar companies, Rob brings a wealth of knowledge and a track record of success to his position. His strategic vision and innovative approach have consistently propelled companies to new heights, making him a sought-after figure in the industry.
Embracing the opportunity to work for a start-up consumer brand like LOFB Cigars, Rob is invigorated by the prospect of being part of a dynamic and nimble team. His excitement stems from the chance to apply his extensive experience in a fresh setting, where creativity and agility are prized. Rob is eager to contribute to LOFB's growth trajectory, leveraging his executive acumen to help shape the brand's identity and market presence.
At LOFB, Rob is not only committed to advancing the company's business objectives but also to championing its mission of supporting men’s mental health. Inspired by LOFB's dedication to social responsibility, Rob sees an opportunity to leverage the brand's platform to raise awareness and promote dialogue around this important issue. Through strategic partnerships and initiatives, he aims to position LOFB as a beacon of advocacy and support, fostering a culture of mental wellness within the cigar community and beyond.
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