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A Gentleman’s Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Cigar for Every Occasion

April 15, 2024
Bearded man lighting cigar after choosing the perfect cigar

Just like choosing a fine wine or a tailored suit, there’s an art to finding the right cigar for a given moment and the decision requires consideration of various factors. Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or a newcomer to the world of premium tobacco, understanding how to choose the right cigar can drastically enhance your experience and elevate the moments you enjoy. 

So with the plethora of cigar options available, how do you know which to select? 

We’ve compiled a short guide to help you select the ideal cigar for any occasion.

Know Your Preferences:

Before diving into the myriad of options available, it’s essential to understand your personal preferences. Consider factors such as strength, flavor profile, size, and shape. Are you drawn to robust and full-bodied cigars, or do you prefer milder and smoother blends? Do you enjoy hints of spice, sweetness, or earthiness in your smoke? Knowing your style sets the stage for a cigaring experience that’s tailored just for you.

Consider the Occasion:

Different occasions call for different cigars. If you’re celebrating a milestone, you might opt for a special occasion cigar, such as a rare and aged blend. For casual gatherings or daily relaxation, a medium-bodied cigar could be more suitable. Tailor your selection to the setting and ambiance to enhance the overall experience.

Explore Different Blends:

Cigars come in various blends, typically categorized as mild, medium, or full-bodied. Each blend offers a unique smoking experience. Mild cigars are gentle on the palate and perfect for beginners or those seeking a mellow smoke. Medium-bodied cigars strike a balance between flavor and strength, appealing to a broad range of smokers. Full-bodied cigars pack a robust punch, delivering intense flavors and complexity. Experiment with different blends to discover your preferences.

Check the Construction:

A well-rolled cigar is like a finely crafted tool – it just feels right in your hand. Choosing  a well-constructed cigar is crucial for a satisfying smoking experience, so give your cigar the once-over, checking for any imperfections, such as cracks or soft spots. A properly rolled cigar should feel firm and uniform throughout. Check the wrapper for smoothness and consistency, indicating quality craftsmanship. Pay attention to the aroma of the cigar, as it can provide insights into its flavor profile.

Size Does Matter:

When it comes to cigars, size matters – but it’s not the only thing to consider. Cigars come in various shapes and sizes, known as vitolas. From robustos to torpedos, each shape offers a distinct smoking experience. Consider the time you have available to smoke when selecting the size of your cigar. Larger cigars, such as churchills, provide a longer smoking time, ideal for leisurely moments. Conversely, smaller cigars, such as coronas or petit coronas, offer a quicker smoke, perfect for short breaks.

Seek Recommendations:

No shame in asking for help, fellas. Don’t hesitate to seek recommendations from fellow cigar enthusiasts or trusted tobacconists. They can provide valuable insights and suggest cigars based on your preferences and budget. Attend cigar events, tastings, or join online forums to expand your knowledge and connect with like-minded individuals. Plus, sharing a cigar and swapping stories – now that’s what it’s all about.

Consider the Brand: 

What is the reputation of the brand? What is their story and purpose? Choosing a cigar brand that has a greater mission may be a factor that you deem important when making your decision.

For example, League of Fat Bastards sees the value in how cigars can create connections and conversation between men and promotes breaking stigma around mental health. 40% of proceeds from LOFB cigars go directly to men’s mental health initiatives, so you can enjoy a premium cigar, while knowing you’re supporting a brother in need.

Choosing the right cigar is an enjoyable and rewarding process that adds depth to the smoking experience. By considering your preferences, the occasion, and exploring a variety of blends, you can find the perfect cigar to complement any moment. Once you’ve found it, sit back, relax and enjoy the moments of calm and camaraderie enjoying a cigar can bring.